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why? and how?

  • you'll communicate clearly, concisely and in a style
  • you'll be easily understood by those you interact with every day, whether it’s in the virtual space or face to face
  • you'll widen your business vocabulary to feel comfortable working in English

Asking WHY?

We offer more than an English lesson!

as a result...

  • you'll be guided by a professional - not only in teaching English but also in business
  • you'll get deep into banking, management or the creative field
  • you'll develop your business skills in English

that's easy!

  • we will work on fluency, context, vocabulary and pronunciation first
  • we'll fill in the blanks with grammar rules along the way
  • let’s not forget listening because communication is a two way streeet!

During your first session we will identify your specific needs and areas of opportunity and then:

We've covered WHY, now let's focus on HOW...

I'm all in!

Choose the way you prefer to learn:

ONE - TO - ONE online class

  • tailored to your needs
  • 60 or 90 min long lessons
  • you choose how often you want to meet

We offer more than an English lesson!

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